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Wellcome Genome Campus

One of the world's top genomics research sites

The Wellcome Genome Campus is a global powerhouse of genomics and biodata research.

It houses two Institutes - EMBL-EBI and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute is a genome research centre set up in 1992 by the Wellcome Trust and the Medical Research Council. The European Bioinformatics Institute is part of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) and makes public biological data freely available to the scientific community via a range of services and tools, as well as performing basic research and providing professional training in bioinformatics.

Together their employees and alumni include more than 90 faculty staff, 100 PhD students, seven Fellows of the Royal Society and a Nobel prize winner.

Over the last five years the two Institutes have produced a combined total of approximately 3,800 research papers, many of which are amongst the world’s most cited in their fields. Add in the other specialist genomics and bioinformatics companies, and the Campus employs 2,600 people, hosting 10,000 visits to its Conference Centre and more than 350 lectures and seminars.

The range of knowledge, facilities and scientific operations on Campus means that scientists can use many different avenues of investigation - from computational models, to cell models, organoids, genome sequencing, imaging and model organisms - all on one site. Research ideas can be rapidly scaled up. The result is huge volumes of data being generated, curated, analysed and stored: every day 3,700bn bases of DNA are sequenced at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, and 20m data requests are processed by EMBL-EBI.

There are 42 petabytes of storage at the Sanger Institute’s onsite data storage facility; EMBL-EBI has more than a further 80 petabytes of storage offsite. This Campus is a place where mankind’s learning and understanding of genomics starts and develops.

The staff of the two Institutes come from more than 77 nations; collectively, 45 per cent of the Institutes’ personnel are from outside of the UK. Given the increasing impact and relevance of genomics to healthcare and treatment, the Wellcome Genome Campus has an important role in enabling the public to understand and engage with the implications and ethical questions that genomic science generates.


Wellcome Genome Campus
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