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Leads the world in smart street lighting

What makes it world class?

Technology leadership | International reach

It is making cities the world over smarter, greener and more connected. Founded in 2005, Telensa is already the world-leader in smart controls for new LED street lighting and is using this as a platform to lead the way in smart city technology generally.

 Telensa has deployed over a million street lights globally, in over 50 cities as diverse as Shanghai, Sao Paolo, Moscow, Adelaide and Sheffield. Their sensors use long range and low-power (so cheap) radio systems that be deployed quickly across cities, using existing infrastructure - street lights. They can then be used for any number of internet-of-things applications, from smart lighting and parking apps to traffic management and salt gritting. 

Telensa has the largest market share of connected street lighting and smart city applications, a sector that will be worth an estimated $64 billion within the next decade.

In December 2017, Telensa was named Growing Business of the Year at the Amazon Growing Business Awards. 

What they say

It pays for itself with energy and maintenance savings. 

What we say

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