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Leads the world in metal powder processing

Aluminium was once more expensive than gold. Then along came aluminium distraction through electrolysis, turning it from the world’s most precious metal into one of the world’s most disposal. Wait, let me just finish this can of Coke. Right.

Metalysis has come up with a process that will do that for pretty much any metal across the periodic table - and they have started with titanium.

Metal refining is costly and inefficient. It’s also one of the heaviest of dirty industries. Metalysis' electrolytic process does the same thing, much more cleanly and efficiently, not in smelters or factories, but in a smart and hygenic 'Metals Discovery Centre'. The result looks something like this.

The process enables the 3D printing revolution, since it can produce metal powders for use in additive manufacturing process. The company has only been fully commercial for a few years, so we are some way from a super-strong super-light commercial airliner made of titanium, but the business has some heavyweight backers and looks well placed to single-handedly change the global business of metals, for good.

Metalysis was initially funded by venture capitalists and the troubled Woodford funds. After running out of cash in July 2019 the business was snapped up by international mining firm Power Resources Group. PRG's CEO Ray Power said: “Delighted to expand the PRG family with the acquisition of a great company and great team at Metalysis."

Mr Power said that Metalysis was "just a whisper away from commerciality" before it went into administration, and added that the company will continue to be strategic for Britain.


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