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The world’s largest private provider of forensic science

Its origins got back to 1842, when the Laboratory of the Board of Excise was founded to regulate the adulteration of tobacco. Today some 2,600 people test, analyse and measure everything from chocolate to DNA samples to dope tests to make sure that things are what they say they are.

The company runs more than 1,600 “proficiency testing exercises” - so that some 11,000 analytical laboratories around the world can check the efficiency of their own work.

LGC produces and distributes reference materials and proficiency testing schemes - samples for testing for quality control purposes - to more than 160 countries. It is a serious player in the field of genomics with deep expertise in areas such as the extraction and analysis of DNA. This is the Big Daddy organisation of paternity tests.

An empire of laboratories and offices across 22 countries provide services ranging from drug screening to toxicology data.

Its role as “Government Chemist” means that it is a source of expert independent opinion in disputes about food and agriculture.

“Science for a safer world” is their slogan, which sounds rather grandiose. But whether it’s consumers getting reassurance about the food safety and quality, or laboratories being certain about the accuracy of their tests, or the criminal justice system knowing it has the correct evidence, this 150-year-old company provides that peace of mind.




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