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The industrial company keeping people safe world-wide

Halma is a classic world-class British middle-market company that most people won’t have heard of, but that operates all around you. It is a FTSE 100 international group with 40 business in 20 countries across Europe, US and Asia.

Halma is a global leader in safety, health and environmental technologies and protects the life and quality of life of people worldwide. Its anonymity stems in part from the fact that it trades under dozens of different brand names, depending on the sector – many of which are global leaders in their markets.

They are the types of products that are both invisible and absolutely essential for making modern society, the built environment and industrial processes function safely and efficiently.

When was the last time you were crushed by an automatic door? You should probably thank BEA Europe, a Halma business and world leader in sensors that safely control doors. Rescued from a stuck lift recently? Thank Halma’s Avire Global, which specialises in lift door safety and other elevator safety products, like telephones and displays.

Other brands provide gas detection, pipeline management, valve safety systems, pressure relief devices for explosion protection, smoke detection, the list goes on.

It also has a medical products division, which makes micro surgical products for things such as eye health diagnosis and assisting with eye surgery, miniature fluid handling equipment and multi-spectral imaging products for biomedical and aerial imaging.

On top of that, it has an environmental analysis division, which leads the market in areas such as measuring environmental pollution in water, UV water treatment technology that disinfects water in an environmentally friendly way, as well as a world-leading brand in light testing and measurement.

You don’t build a business like that overnight. Halma’s origins date back to 1894, when it started operating out of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) as the Nahalma Tea Estate Company. The company changed its name to Halma and became an investment management and industrial holding company in the 1950s, listed in London in 1972 and began slowly building its industrial base by acquisition.

In 2017, it moved from the FTSE 250 to the FTSE 100 and continues to grow its core revenues and by acquiring more businesses.


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