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CDE Global

Leads the world in “wet processing” of sand, aggregates and waste materials

From its headquarters in Cookstown, CDE Global is the world’s leading provider of washing equipment for quarries, mines and recycling operations.

And we don’t mean washing clothes.

Started by engineer Tony Convery in 1992, CDE Global’s equipment is used across the construction and recycling, mining, specialist “industrial sands” and environmental sectors, providing more efficient ways of recycling the huge amounts of waste that accrues from construction, demolition and excavation (CD&E) work.

CDE Global has had projects commissioned and installed in 90 countries around the world. Overall, its portfolio of completed global projects comprises more than 1,000 installations across five different sectors and numerous individual material types.

Its equipment washes more than 10,000 tonnes of sand per hour in installations across the Gulf States. Its expertise enables near-exhausted quarries to have their working lives extended by years. It has installed the largest bespoke CD&E waste recycling solution in the world for the Norwegian quarry company Velde Pukk AS. Processing 300 tonnes per hour of CD&E materials diverted from landfills, the company can now recycle 600,000 tonnes of waste per year thanks to CDE Global’s “wet processing” technology.

CDE has not only become a world leader but a hugely-respected organisation, winning a slew of awards for the quality of its management, its export achievements and its fast growth. It now has offices in Brazil, Australia, India and the USA as well as representatives in other parts of the world.


CDE Global


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