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Twenty companies for Global Green Britain

Achieving net-zero is not a zero sum game. Humankind needs to adapt; whether that is reversing or dismantling established practices; or pressing forward with innovations. It is in the world's interests that Britain, as an advanced economy, can demonstrate the potential for a greener world. In building back better and greener (to coin a phrase), Britain needs to be world class.

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Britain's science takes on Covid-19

The UK has been demonstrably and evidentially world class when it comes to the science and research effort to tackle Covid-19 virus and has shown regulatory deftness. Despite our politicians' embarrassing bluster about "world class" track and trace and other ineptitudes, there's so much to be applauded.

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Health and safety first

The UK consistently ranks as the best country for safety at work, with workplace fatalities around 0.4 per 100,000 employees. This is consistently better than any other European country and far better than the US.

Business, Regulation

How the UK can stay ahead in AI

The Government’s Industrial Strategy sets four “Grand Challenges,” identified after consultation with science and industry. The Grand Challenges have been set “to put the UK at the forefront of the industries of the future" - and one is in artificial intelligence - which right now the UK is seen as a primary centre of expertise. So, how to keep us there?

Regulation, technology

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