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Author: Stuart Rock
Written on: 01 January 2018
Last updated: 12 January 2021

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What is 'world class'?
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Why World Class Britain?

Now that the UK has left the EU, we have to think differently. World Class Britain is our contribution to starting a fresh national narrative.

Even now it is a done deal Brexit is, and will remain, a divisive issue - from those who believe it to be a calamitous act of self-harm to those who hold it to be the dawn of an new outward-looking era. This is a time of national uncertainty. World Class Britain aims to build long-term confidence.

The breadth of the British achievement is often hidden in plain sight. We aim to make it visible.

Britain’s contributions on the world stage are recognised in some areas, but not necessarily all. Some are better recognised outside of these islands than at home. We aim to paint a clearer picture.

Excellence is achieved by many people and organisations in Britain, in all types of endeavour. Excellence doesn’t come by accident. We aim to put the aspiration for excellence, and pride in its achievement, at the heart of public conversation and discussion.

World Class Britain is an attempt to make sense of what we are genuinely, demonstrably good at; and to see what patterns and themes emerge. We aim to bring together diverse threads so that we may be more likely to spot patterns of successful behaviour, specific assets, clusters of knowledge and expertise, that might otherwise go missed.

It’s been many decades since it was as important as it is now for Britain to understand its true strengths, and how those are maintained, enhanced and adapted. World Class Britain aims to inform that understanding.


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